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Why You Are Always Wanting to Change Your Logo

You have a brand and logo but every time you see someone post their logo you think “ooo! That’s pretty. I wish my logo was more like that” And then starts the cycle of you re-branding again.. And then again a year later.

Even designers can feel this way! It can be WAY too difficult to design for yourself. So why is this? And how do you change this mindset? Ready for the truth bomb??

You built your brand before you were ready.
You didn’t know what you wanted or didn’t have your ideal client nailed down yet so you went with designs that were in style in that moment and looked pretty but didn’t necessarily align with your brand strategy. You probably imitated a brand style of a brand that you admire that is successful. But guess what – you’re not that brand! You are your own brand. Therefore, your brand/logo was designed for the wrong reasons. The most common mistake I see is that the quality of your logo isn’t matching the quality of your service. When your brand is designed for the RIGHT reasons, you’ll feel it.

So how do you find those right reasons?
Start by taking a deeper look into your business. What are your business values? Why did you get started? What is driving you to succeed? Who is your ideal client? How can you communicate these values through your logo to your ideal client? When you can successfully answers those questions, you’ll find a brand style that speaks to you and your story.
Need some help answering those questions? Here are some tips.

#1 Take your time and write out any and all ideas that come to your mind on paper. It took me MONTHS to answer these questions so don’t feel like you have to rush through it.

#2 Consider asking your previous clients what drove them to you.

#3 Hiring a designer not only allows you to have a beautifully designed logo, it allows you to have an fresh, outside perspective objectively look at your brand. A designer will always work through these questions with you.

After you’ve got that nailed down, check out the branding checklist below to make sure you’re on the right track to creating the perfect brand for your business.