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When you're opening a business, the last thing that you probably have is extra cash to spend. You're desperate for a logo but have no idea how you're going to make that happen. I've been in your shoes. You could open up Canva and use one of their templates.... but then your brand will be a replica of someone else's. Instead, how about you learn how to create your own brand in less than a day and get your business started with a professional look and feel.

Don't worry, we're still using Canva (a free program!) but we'll design your logos with intention so that you can stay far away from those overused logo templates.

Build Your Brand

Introducing the

mini course

Design Your Own Logo Suite

In this training, you'll learn the exact process that we use in the research phase for our 1:1 branding clients. You'll learn how to do logo design research, color palette research and font research. Then we'll put everything together and create a text-based logo in Canva that can be exported and placed on all of your graphics and website.

What's Included:

  • design your logo training video (35 min)
  • accompanying training guide (6 page pdf)
  • brand style guide template (4 page canva doc)
  • bonus: social media graphics training

Total Value: $500, Your Price: $67

Our Client Case Study

The Build Your Brand mini course will show you how we designed a logo for "Salty Sun", a sustainable swimwear brand, from scratch. You'll see the process that we took to choose the color palette, fonts and how we designed the logo in Canva. 

watch us design a logo in 35 min

Let's Look Inside

This video is a walkthrough on how to research design styles based on your business industry, how to choose a color palette based on what audience you are trying to appeal to and how and where to find fonts that are both beautiful and functional. The video will wrap up by showing you how to create your own moodboard, color palette and text-based logo suite in Canva.

the training (35 min)

This 6 page PDF guide goes a little bit more in-depth on the importance of color theory, the different types of styles of fonts and it summarizes everything talked about in the training video. All resources mentioned in the training video are linked in this guide.

training guide

The Brand Style Guide is a 4 page Canva template that can be used to place your logos, color hex codes and font pairings. This is a good reference document to have to refer back to or distribute to any team members or social media managers. There is also a 2 page Instagram Grid Styling Ideas included

Brand Style Guide

This bonus video walks you through how to use our Canva templates to create on-brand Instagram graphics with your new color palette, font suite and logos. Have a handful of templates designed in minutes!

social media graphics training

Bonus Training

Ready to Look