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Design with Purpose: How to make the best design choices for your business

Design has a critical impact on user decision-making. Decisions lead to actions, and user actions drive the bottom line. So how do you design with your ideal client in mind? Let’s dive in!

There are three main areas of focus in design for your business – websites, social media and marketing collateral. Let’s talk about what it means to design with purpose for each of these three areas.


  • The hierarchy of text is important for the users eye. Make sure you are distinguishing between important call outs by using larger heading fonts that separate out from the body fonts.
  • Go through your site and review all of the copy. Usually we see that our clients have way too much text in their site which can be overwhelming to the end user. Shorten sentences and make content straight the point. Remove irrelevant info. Statistics say you have 8 seconds to grab a readers attention. 
  • Make sure that you have enough buttons throughout the site to take people where they want to go so they don’t get frustrated and end up leaving your site.
  • Don’t make every button lead to your contact/booking/checkout page. Make some of the buttons lead to your about page or your services page so that can get to learn more about you and your business’s offerings.
  • Consider changing up the language on the buttons so that they are more intriguing for the end user. Instead of “Learn More”, try out “Life Changing Results This Way”.

Social media graphics

  • Canva is great but stick with your brand fonts and colors, choose designs similar to your brand style guide.
  • Stop choosing new templates every time you post. This creates overwhelm for your followers. Remember that you want to create brand recognition for your viewers to stop the scroll!
  • Buy a social media pack to save you time, energy and keep things consistent. Check out our Canva templates for instagram HERE.

Marketing Materials

  • Stick to your colors, fonts and branded patterns or other materials.
  • Concise designs are the best. Especially when you are printing out an advertisement or signage for an event. You want them to be intrigued to learn more.
  • Marketing materials are a great place to insert lead magnets to get more people to visit your website. You don’t need to list all details, they can go to your website for more. And you want the foot traffic anyways for SEO optimization.

We dive into each of these three design areas more in depth in our latest podcast episode. Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts by searching for a “Double Shot of Branding” or hitting the play button below!

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