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What Are the 4 Buyer Types? And Why It’s Important to Know Them

In order to sell, you need to know who your buyers are. Buyers are all complex individuals but at the root of their personalities, we can be grouped into 1 of these 4 categories to help us better market to our clientele.

The importance in knowing the difference between the buyer types is that your goal is to sell to all 4 of them simultaneously, which can be hard to master. But after hearing about these you might start to notice a trend in your past clients that could all be in one of these categories because usually buyer types sell as if everyone is the same buyer type as them.

  1. The Socializer
    • The Socializer loves getting to know the personality behind the business.
    • They run their most important decisions by their peer group because they want the opinions of others
    • It’s important to them that a business that they are buying from comes off as authentic.
    • They like being apart of a “brand family” or a community.
    • How to sell to The Socializer
      1. Put in effort to reach out to your clients and loyal following.
      2. Introduce yourself and the why behind your business often.
      3. How can you add a community aspect to your business? Client referrals? A membership? Sharing client success stories?
  2. The Director
    • The Director consumes info quickly and wants to make a purchase decision quickly.
    • They likely will only read half of your sales page and skim for the important details.
    • How to sell to The Director
      1. Include numbers and facts that get straight to the point.
      2. Use bulleted lists. Consider skipping the fluff if majority of your buyers are directors.
      3. Highlight what working with you will do for them. What can they get out of it?
  3. The Thinker
    • The hardest person to sell to because they want to know absolutely everything before buying. They are known as the skeptics.
    • They need to weigh the pros and cons before buying.
    • They will read every word of the sales page. They don’t like being rushed into making a decision.
    • How to sell to The Thinker
      1. Include detailed information in your sales pages like charts and comparison diagrams.
      2. The copy on the page needs to be organized to tell them a story and completely go through the who, the what, the why.
      3. Avoid scarcity language as they like time to think and make a decision.
      4. Include a lot of reviews on your website and/or sales pages.
  4. The Relator
    • The Relators are highly empathetic individuals who are looking for unique solutions to their problems.
    • They’re known as a “people person” and like to always be keeping the peace.
    • They are looking for solutions to solve both business and lifestyle problems.
    • How to sell to The Relator
      1. Selling a solution that will make their lives easier.
      2. Allow them to pick and choose their own package offering. They don’t like to be put in a box.
      3. Products – allow customization, Services – allow them to build their own package.

Tune in to our full episode of a Double Shot of Branding on the 4 buyer types and how we suggest selling to them HERE.

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