Is Branding Really That Important?

Often times when I am searching for a service provider to work with or contract out, I will search for a handful of people and then narrow down who I want to reach out to based on what I see on their website. Almost immediately, I can tell if their website was done professionally or not and will close out of the tabs where the website design and functionality looks poor.

So, I ran a poll over on my Instagram stories recently to see how people felt about the importance of branding and website design. I was mostly interested in seeing if other people felt the same way that I did. I had a pool of just over 70 people that responded. This is a very small sample set but I still think that the results speak for themselves. So let’s see if branding is really that important for a buyer.

So based on the above results, you would have 61+ people choosing to reach out to your competitors, instead of you, based solely on your brand and website design alone.

And 0 people said that design was not important when choosing who to work with or purchase from.

These results are not shocking to me but may be to you. The importance of branding is clearly stated and the consensus is that it is SUPER important.

The struggle comes in when you’re a new business owner who’s low on cash and can’t afford to hire a designer. I’d argue that you’re actually leaving money on the table when you put off the brand investment for years.

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