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Marketing and Branding Trends for Health and Wellness Brands

As Michelle Marie Studio has begun working with more clients in the health and wellness space, as well as having a personal interest in the topic of health, we have noticed some marketing trends that we find beneficial to implement.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Transparency – Social media trends are moving towards transparency, openness and realness, hence the rise of TikTok where people aren’t worried about what they look like when creating content. What this means for you – share aspects of your own health and wellness journey that aren’t perfection. What are some aspects that you are still struggling with even though you’ve seen loads of improvements? This allows your consumers to see you as relatable and trustworthy. Hey, she’s not perfect and neither am I!
  2. Social proof – Clients are wanting to see the transformation that you have provided for others. They are needing to confirm that what they are looking for can be achievable. Think of unique ways that you can obtain social proof from your clients. Have personalized quarterly check ins with clients. Offer incentives for reviews on products.
  3. Elevated client experience – Social proof can get customers in the door but the elevated client experience is what gets those people raving about your brand to everyone they know. This includes branded course slides, branded social graphics, and exceptional customer service. Impressions that make them want to tell everyone they know about your business. Need help with designing your marketing materials? Reach out to us for a quote!
  4. Simplification – In a world of go go go, what can I do to work on my body and mind in the simplest way? Think of this as less is more – easy to digest content that’s sharable and relatable. And if you’re goal is to slow people down, think of how you can teach the importance of a slower way of life (aka less stress, building deeper relationships, etc).
  5. Focus on supporting local businesses – With everything that happened in our world 2 years ago, consumers found out that supporting local businesses was the best way to support each other and that trend is continuing today. Not only is there an emphasis on local businesses because of their (usually) cleaner ingredients and practices but because of the sense of belonging and supporting each other. Promote and help share your clients businesses. How can you collaborate with like minded businesses who share the same values as your business?
  6. Emphasis on mindset and mental health – Also brought about because of 2020 and this is a trend here to stay. The push to be on social media constantly and work 24/7 is diminishing and people are appreciative of their free time. What this means for your brand – focusing on how your services or products will not add stress to their life, but will in fact remove stress.
  7. Taking health into our own hands – Empowering your audience to learn for themselves. Giving them bite size information for free (aka social media posts) but focusing on the importance of learning for themselves (aka buying your course or your service).

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