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How to Find the Right Designer for You

Finding a designer to work is an important process when branding your business. Just like with dating, not every designer is the right fit for you. Kadyn and I talk through different things to pay attention to when interviewing designers.

  • Find a designer with a similar style to your business (0:30)
  • Ask friends and other businesses who they worked with (3:00)
  • Know what style of logo you want before hiring a designer (4:09)
  • Know the designer’s expertise level to match your expectations with your budget (9:13)
  • Set your expectations of timeline and communication style with the designer (11:06)
  • Ask them for different package options to accommodate their needs (14:02)
  • Don’t waste both your time and the designers time with a consult call if they aren’t in your budget (16:15)

Ultimately, we feel as though the biggest factor in choosing a designer is that you are in love with their design style and can envision them making your perfect logo. We hope this was helpful!

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