Experiencing and Managing Burnout

Being an entrepreneur is tough and often leads to burnout. Kadyn and I discuss our experiences with burnout in the last year, the warning signs of burnout and what we’re doing to manage it.

  • Michelle’s background to being a business owner (0:33)
  • Kadyn’s background to being a business owner (1:20)
  • Creative burnout versus other jobs (3:30)
  • What causes burnout (6:06)
  • Setting unrealistic deadlines for yourself (7:12)
  • Not feeling creative (10:30)
  • Having difficult clients and trying to scale your business (10:54)
  • Physical toll that burnout has on your body (13:35)
  • Cutting back on client work, reevaluate pricing (16:10)
  • Improve business processes (16:40)
  • Planning out work days, turning off notifications (17:10)
  • Block scheduling days (19:20)

Let us know if you have any burnout tips!

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