10 Website Design Mistakes Businesses Make

Kadyn and I introduce ourselves and the podcast. Then we chat about the top 10 website design mistakes that we see business owners making (skip ahead to 3:15).

  • Using tons of stock photos (3:55)
  • Too much copy (6:58)
  • The about page being a bio instead of how your company can help your client (8:30)
  • Making every call to action lead to the contact page or booking form (10:15)
  • Not having enough information and not organizing your website in a storytelling type of way (11:38)
  • Not having a blog (13:38)
  • Not having CTA’s (17:37)
  • Having a contact form that’s too long – you’ll lose people’s attention (18:33)
  • Not adding alt text to images + not customizing SEO descriptions for each page (22:29)
  • Not clearly explaining your services and/or where you’re located (22:55)

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