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What to Work on When You Have Little to No Clients

You’ve hit a slow period and you are very tempted to lay on the couch and Netflix it up but then you realize that’s probably not the best idea.

So, what do you work on? Below are some ideas to keep your productivity levels up and your business thriving.

  1. Clean up the back end of your business. I don’t know about you but I’m always behind on cleaning up my books. So I like to take some time each month to clean up my books and upload any invoices or receipts that I have. I also keep a budget spreadsheet so that I can keep track of my goals. I’ll take that time to update that as well.
  2. Update your website. It’s good practice to keep your website updated regularly. You could be rereading your copy to make sure that it still makes sense for your ideal client. You could be updating your client testimonials section. You could be updating your portfolio page.
  3. Work on blog posts. Blog posts are important for gaining traffic to your website. I love to crank out a handful of blog posts in a couple of hours and create all of the graphics so that they are ready to go!
  4. Work on a new freebie for your ideal clients. Freebies have been the number one way that I have been able to grow my mailing list. Freebies are something that you create for your ideal clients, usually a PDF, that gives them free knowledge. For example, I have a free welcome packet template and a free branding checklist that people can receive once signing. If you need help with coming up with an idea, ask your audience on social media.
  5. Brainstorm new offerings. Being an entrepreneur means that new ideas are probably flowing through your head on a daily basis. Take this slow time to build off of those ideas and maybe create a plan of action.
  6. Work on social media posts. When I’m busy with clients, posting to social media is the last thing on my mind. So during slow periods, I like to plan out my content. Sometimes I get ambitious and plan out a whole month’s worth of content. Along with planning out my Instagram feed, I also plan out what I’m going to talk about on Insta stories, Insta lives and in my free Facebook group. You can easily write a month’s worth of content in two-three hours!
  7. Work on your email marketing. Work on a couple of emails and schedule them out. Work on any email automations that your email system offers. I.e. workflows when someone opts into your freebie. 
  8. Work on automations. There’s possibly some other automations that you could be setting up in your spare time to make your life easier. For example, I have automations set up when I on-board a client so that my system automatically sends them the invoice, contract and welcome packet. Check out with your CRM system has to offer so that you can spend less time in your email.
  9. Clean up your email. This one may seem obvious but I didn’t start implementing a folder system for a long time and now that I have one, I feel way less stressed and overwhelmed when I open my email. As soon as I have an email resolved, I move it to its appropriate folder location.
  10. Clean up your desktop/folders. I am always in such a rush when I’m working in design files and then exporting them, that my folders can get super messy and I end up having too much storage on my laptop. When I have free time, I’ll move useless or older documents to a separate hard drives and maybe delete any redundant files.

My biggest tip for you is to not get down on yourself when you have little to no clients. Everyone goes through slow periods in their businesses, even the people who you look up to and seem so wildly successful. Take this period and try to make the best out of it and in no time, you’ll be booked up again!