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Ten Ways to Use Your Logo

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know how much I preach about being consistent with your brand. The more often you use your logo, the more your audience will be begin to recognize your brand. It’s important to use your logo whenever and wherever you can. Below are ten examples of places you can use your logo.

1. Social Media I typically suggest using your face as your profile photo but you certainly can use your logo. Other places to use on social media include your Facebook cover photo, Twitter cover photo, over top of your Instagram posts as a watermark and in your Pinterest graphics.

2. Website There are plenty of places on your website to insert your logo – in the header, footer, side bar, or menu bar. If your main logo doesn’t fit properly, use your alternate logo. That’s what it’s for!

3. Business Cards Yes, people still use these things! There have been a handful of times where I have met strangers who spark up conversations about occupations and that’s the perfect time to whip out a business card. If you’re further looking for ways to use that alternate logo, try putting your main logo on the front of the business card and the alternate on the back.

4. Apparel You might not think that this applies to you if you don’t sell a physical product, but the more exposure the better. Imagine getting your logo printed on a t-shirt and having someone in public ask you what it means. That could be your next potential customer.

5. Email signature With the amount of emails you probably send everyday, it’s such an easy way to keep that brand recognition going.

6. Office Decor Have an office that clients visit? Show that you believe in your brand as much as they do. Print out your logo as wall art or on your coffee mug. Even if you don’t have clients visiting you, having your logo around will provide inspiration!

7. Presentations to Clients When presenting ideas to clients, always make sure your logo is on there, especially if they are walking away with a copy of that presentation to keep.

8. Favicon You know that little small icon that appears next to your website name URL? That’s called a favicon. If you have your own website, make sure you have some version of your logo in your favicon. If you have a submark, this is a perfect location for that. If none of your logo fit, I’d suggest using the initials of your company. For example, I would use MMS.

9. Giveaways for Your Clients If you haven’t thought of this before, giving away thank you gifts to your client or potential client is a great way to make sure that you remain on their mind.

10. Contracts If you use contracts for your business, make sure they are professional looking by having your logo on them.

There are plenty of other places to use your logo. The important thing to remember is that consistency is key to a cohesive brand. Think your brand could use a face lift? Contact me and lets get started!