Get Your Brand, Website or Materials Designed

in a day

It's time to finally gain the confidence that your business deserves.

1:1 Vip day intensive with michelle

Finally Tackle that Design Project You've Been Putting Off

Leave with the designs you need to launch your new identity, service, course, or website.

You're busy and you know that you needed new design materials, like yesterday. Don’t let design hold you back from passionately pursuing your mission and embracing your brand’s greatest potential.

We know firsthand that being a small business owner takes grit, passion, and a genuine love for helping others. We also know it can be overwhelming, isolating, and difficult to suddenly wear 10 different hats all at once. So at least ‘brand, website, and graphic designer’ no longer has to be one of them.

It's time to stop allowing design to hold you back from finally launching that course, that website or that new service.


The VIP Day Intensive


An 8 hour VIP experience with Michelle

 A VIP day is 8 hours of dedicated time for me to spend solely on your business and your design needs. We can craft whatever it is that you need designed - a mini brand identity, a small website, course slides, sales page + more. The best part is that you can spend your day working on serving your clients, headed on that Target run you've been putting off or taking a "me day".

No waiting around for weeks to launch your brand design and then another month or two to get your website up and running. Not to mention, the back and forth meetings and revisions that only take up time from your busy days.

real clients who booked a vip day

This is Perfect for You if You're Ready to...

Stop procrastinating and experiencing a pile up of design needs

Take advantage of an efficient, lower cost investment with the same quality outcome

Book instantly (no consult call or waiting for a proposal) and receive your design files just as quickly

It's our most popular service for these reasons

- alyssa / a real vip day client

"She made the whole process incredibly easy and enjoyable, and her organization reflects her experience and commitment to creating quality work. I enjoyed the process of working together, and I appreciated her ability to work with my indecisive nature (haha). Having a sense of clarity for my brand, I feel so much more confident sharing my work and spreading my message."

Michelle went above and beyond creating a brand that aligns with our vibe and values.

Here's How it Works

choose your day

Choose the date that works best for you using our calendar scheduler. Mentally prepare for the best day ever.

before the vip day

Gather content needed for the day and fill our the design questionnaire that will be sent after booking.

vip day starts

We'll hop on a quick AM call to discuss how the day will flow and what to expect from us.

check in #1 / 12pm

We'll do our first check-in to give you an update or presentation on what we've been up to all morning.

check in #2 / 3pm

This check-in we'll have majority of the work done and will talk about tweaks and revisions that need to be made.

wrap up

We'll wrap up the project, walk you through your deliverables and you'll be on your merry way!


Options of What We Can Design in a Day

Mini Brand Design (Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Submark Logo, Color Palette, Moodboard, Typography, Brand Standards Guide)

2 Page Starter Website (Built in Squarespace or Showit)

Course Slides for Your Upcoming Launch

Sales Page for Your Course, Membership, Products, etc

Marketing Materials for Your Clientele (Welcome Guides, Thank You Notes, Lead Magnet Resource)

Got Another Idea? Happy to explore and discuss.


Book Now for Only


Step 1

choose your date, pay 50% deposit

Step 2

Have an epic VIp day, pay remaining amount

A Few A's to Your Q's

How do you actually get this done in 1 day?

I've been in business full time for 5 years. In that timespan, I have become more and more efficient at what I do and I know my limits to what I can complete successfully in one day. I get into the "zone" and pour my heart into your project only for 8 hours. You'll be shocked at how much can be completed! The VIP day works well for many people. Reach out to me for more testimonials.

Do I need to be available all day?

You only need to be available during our kick off call and our check-ins. Otherwise, feel free to kick it on the couch, go run some errands or focus on client work.

Why should I book a VIP day versus a regular package?

VIP days aren't for everyone but they are a great, affordable solution to receiving custom designs for your business. You also get to skip our waitlist and hop right into our schedule. It's really a win-win situation. However, if you're more indecisive in nature, a custom brand or web project might be more your speed so you can sit and have time to digest the project and deliverables.

What happens if the project goes over the 8 hours?

Sometimes this happens due to varies reasons. We also block off our morning the day after a VIP day to ensure we can wrap things up if needed.