The Bold & Free Instagram Canva Starter Pack


Introducing the Bold & Free Instagram Starter Pack! This pack is perfect for you if you're ready to master your Instagram marketing. No more stressing about creating graphics for your Instagram. 

The starter pack includes:
→ 5 Instagram Highlight Cover Templates
→ 10 Instagram Story Templates
→ 20 Instagram Feed Templates

+ A Bonus Brand Style Guide that includes a moodboard, color palette, typography and an Instagram Styling Guide

You will need a Canva subscription to use these templates.
Because this is a digital product there are no refunds or exchanges and all sales are final. 

You don't need to be a designer to enjoy beautiful graphics.

"I love the Instagram templates Michelle created for me because #1 they save me a lot of time & decisions. Decision fatigue is a real thing and the less things I have to think about, the better. Now I can confidently log into Canva, stay focused and get posts created without getting distracted and wasting time.
#2 I have been more confident to share/post with pre-made templates because I'm not doubting what I might have created from scratch
#3 My feed stays more cohesive with templates because I am not changing the style every time a new template in Canva comes out
#4 The templates help express the professionalism of my brand when I am sharing & posting & connecting with new accounts."

- brooke